And so I find myself back at my desk, following a somewhat lengthy return journey on Sunday, the second half of which took place on a very hot, very full, Singapore Airlines jumbo on which, gasp! the on demand entertainment system wasn’t working properly and kept having to be reset, resulting in among other things, a 20 minute break to my viewing of that journey’s episode of Kath and Kim (thanks to the rotating selections on their entertainment system, over the course of the 40,000 odd miles we’ve flown with them in the last few months, I’ve nearly seen a whole series of consecutive episodes of this now. It’s possible that buying the DVD might have offered a cheaper and marginally more convenient alternative, though.

As always, by the time I get round to writing about it, it’s as if I’ve never been away.

But of course I have, and I have the photos to prove it. We were mostly in Australia this time for the occasion of Sally’s brother’s wedding, which he most inconsiderately opted to hold a mere 3 months after our last trip (surely it would have been the least he could do to have had it in November, when we were there for a whole month…) But no: the Friday before last I struggled into my suit on a sweltering 35 degree day as we sat out on the terrace at the Crown casino to watch the service, (which was presided over, I was very excited to discover, by a celebrant who had previously officiated at the wedding of Lou Carpenter on Neighbours).

The rest of our all too brief stay mostly consisted of eating and drinking, but there were a few highlights I might write about properly if I get the chance.

We even found time to catch up with Alex for lunch and shopping [for the record, by the way, we did indeed make it to the music shop in time to purchase the banjo, thus saving the day for Sally’s dad’s birthday–we got him the “Fender value starter pack” in the end, which contains just about everything you need to get started with that most peculiar of string instruments (although when I asked the chap in the shop if this included a sixth finger, he just laughed and said he hadn’t been to Tassie in a while…)].

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  1. That Neighbours site is terrifyingly addictive. I’d forgotten how much I used to watch it – clicking onto “this week 10 years ago” etc brings back memories in a way it probably shouldn’t.

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