Quick Celeb Haiku

Jordan and Andre,
With entourage and filming,
walking up some stairs

Far be it from me to suggest that some minor celebrities are now so desperate for attention that they are actually resorting to paying for their own people to follow them around with video cameras on a regular basis, but that’s certainly how it looked to us as we stood waiting to check in at Heathrow last night. Well, it was just as well they had the cameras there. I mean, could you imagine if some crucial “walking up stairs at Heathrow” footage wasn’t captured for posterity. Presumably we should expect to see it aired on ITV2 later this year. Clearly it’s what multichannel digital telly was invented for.

Anyway, so I’m in Singapore again, and the Internet is still free here. All rather painless so far, and only another 7 hours to Melbourne.

2 thoughts on “Quick Celeb Haiku”

  1. I’ll be in Melbourne next Sunday 26th, leaving on Tues 28th. Got a couple of business commitments but would be great to meet up if you can find a time.


  2. Yeah definitely. We’ll be around. I’ll send you an email with contact details.

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