As you may know, Sal and I take a lot of photos (in 2004, my folder of JPEGs tells me, we notched up about 1,000 shots–last year, it was somewhere closer to 2,000).

For a while now I’ve been uploading a selection on a fairly regular basis to my other webspace, but I’ve never been totally happy with this–I’ve only got 250MB to play with, for a start, so I could never put the original images up, always resized versions, and I found the gallery software to be a bit clunky, to say the least.

Anyway, to remedy this, I’ve been looking around for a new solution, and I’ve opted for Flickr. It’s not perfect, but it does most of the things I want it to do (including being another outlet for me to keep backups of my precious photos–or at least the important ones–in case my ageing laptop decides to stop working one of these days).

So, from now on, I’ll be posting photos to my new Flickr photo stream. There’s only photos back as far as the start of February at the moment, but I’ll gradually be uploading the last couple of years worth of photos over the next few weeks.

It’s got some nice little features:
– I quite like this calendar view, for example
– and you can subscribe to an RSS feed, if you like, to see new photos as I upload them
– of course it does slide shows

– and, best of all, it stores the full original images, so you can always click “All Sizes” above a picture, and then look at the “large” or “original” version.

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  1. Matt that’s so weird – I was just writing a feature about the feelgood benefits of taking and sharing photos, and the rise and rise of photosharing sites like Flickr (obviously to promote a certain high-street store that just happens to offer digital cameras and photo processing) – but then I got bored so wandered off to check your blogs… What do I find but you are blogging about the very same site!
    Coincidence, or a sign from God that I should knuckle down and get on with my work? You decide….

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