Oh Metro, You Are So Silly

I didn’t have my book today, so I found myself sitting on the tube reading Metro this morning. After I’d got past the utterly vacuous Rumsfeld quote on the front page (“no single person on this planet has had the blood of more innocent men, women and children on his hands than Zarqawi”–look Rummy, I know you are contractually obliged to pretend that getting the terrists is the most important thing ever, but think about it: that’s not even close to true, is it. What about Hitler? Pol Pot? Genghis Khan?) I got to a bit about “Get Loaded in the Park”, a Metro-sponsored music thingy that’s happening on Clapham Common in July. I was interested to read that Badly Drawn Boy is playing, but confused about their write up, which talked of him being about to release his new album, One Plus One is One. It’s funny, because I’m pretty sure that came out a couple of years ago and promptly sank without trace.

It was only when I looked at his website to check that I realised what must have happened. You see, the esteemed Metro, rather than bothering to write their own copy, simply swiped a chunk of the description from BDB’s website without bothering to check when it was last updated. Because if they had, they’d have realised that when it says the album will be released on June 21st, that’s June 21st 2004. Now that’s professional, fact-checking journalism in action…