In response to a blog post I made almost two and a half years ago, “brookfield” writes that [s]he is “terribly sorry that [I’ve] gone entirely mad”.

From what I remember, at the gig in question, Damien Rice was being a bit of a petulant, precious, artiste, and I believe that was the point I was trying to make in the blog. I do actually quite like Mr Rice’s music, but apparently I “wouldn’t understand, obviously”.

Well, fair dos, Mr[s] Brookfield, you’ve got me: clearly by googling for “Damien Rice Dallas November” and reading something I wrote 2 years ago you know everything about me that there is to know. I’m sorry that I can’t be included in the select group of people who do understand the tribulations of being an emotional man with an acoustic guitar.

I have failed as a human being. Obviously.