Ok, so picking up on typos and grammatical errors in shabby freesheet thelondonpaper is a bit like shooting free fish in a very large barrel, but I thought this one was just a bit too amusing not to pass on:

Prince William and younger brother Prince Harry lapped up a night of racy sextease last night after dropping into a little-known venue in Shepherd’s Bush for a two hour session of risqué burlesque dancing.

They watched scantily-clad acts from Smirnoff’s Medium Rare show, including The Wau Wau Sisters. They swung from trapezes with the words “F***” and “Yeah” written across their knickers and sensually rubbed each other.

Well, that’s certainly a different side to William and Harry. But what colour knickers were the Princes wearing? I think we should be told…

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  1. I hope you’ve sent that straight to Private Eye. If you don’t I will.

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