It’s Not What You Say…

Via the BBC News website, comes the moderately amusing story of some restaurant diners who, having complained about the service, ended up with the following item on their itemised bill:


Which is quite funny in and of itself (well, at least it was charged at £0.00…) but more amusing is the response from the owner:

Owner Mr Langsdon said the message had been meant to be seen only by kitchen staff and he did not know how it ended up as an item on the receipt. “That shouldn’t come out on the bill, so we’ve got to find out what’s gone wrong there.”

Not, you’ll note, “we’re sorry for making a rude comment about a customer”, but “we’re sorry that the comment ended up on your bill”…

He’s also offered the diners a free meal… Don’t think I’d risk it, to be honest.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not What You Say…”

  1. She added: “I’d like a written apology from the restaurant and I’d also like some compensation.

    Why? Why on earth should this greedy cow get some free money on top of an apology? Any sympathy I may have had evaporated immediately at that comment. She can suck my dick fuck face.

  2. Well, quite. If they’d charged her for it then I think she’d be within her rights to have that charge taken off the bill. But as it was free…

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