Misdirected Emails Religion

From The Misdirected Emails File

Once again, a somewhat baffling not-quite-spam message arrives in my inbox, intended for one of the other Matts.

I can’t help thinking that the author of this message could have phrased that last line a little better…

To: [A Different Matt]

Greetings All

Thank you Matt and Jennifer for your insights. I appreciate the distinction ..having a critical spirit or critical thinking. Many times when I take a hard line I question it after the fact.I I expect when we take a hard line it will be to the improvement of the overall Joac Ministry. If I am going to hold David’s feet to the fire…I expect my feet to be held to the fire. I look forward to us building relationship with each person on the Uganda Board, each child in the family home. I believe we have a unique Us Board that is helping the Lord build his kingdom in Uganda. Thanks Jenn for the photo of the kids with the black shoes. That makes what we do worthwhile. Touching each child.