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Letter To The Editor

Dick Smith Motley Fool

For some reason The Age chose not to publish my letter. Can’t think why…



I almost choked on my cornflakes reading Scott Phillips of The Motley Fool in today’s Money section explaining “How to avoid investing in the next Dick Smith“. One answer to this might be “don’t listen to what the so-called experts say”. As recently as October last year one stock picking service was extremely bullish on DSH, writing that it was trading at “bargain prices”, with “more upside than downside”.


“Looking past the short-term factors could result in a very Foolish reward for those willing to take the plunge”, they said. “Dick Smith is a stable stock with great dividend and growth prospects.”

And the service providing this advice? I believe they’re called “The Motley Fool”. I think there’s a chance Scott might be familiar with their work…